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Nick Mason

Nick Mason was a precious son, beloved brother, adoring husband, devoted father and treasured friend. He was kind, compassionate, patient, with a fantastic sense of humor - qualities that allowed him to make deep long lasting relationships with the many people he met throughout his life. His passion for music and adventure led him to travel extensively throughout the world. After leaving England, he settled in San Francisco, California for several years, where he forged a deep bond with the city, the music scene and the people within it. He was an accomplished DJ, music producer and record collector. His musical talent and love of the great outdoors led him on several trips to Alaska, captivated by the wild open spaces and the warm hearts of the locals he befriended. His desire for exploration then took him to Thailand, where he met the love of his life, Kanitta, and immersed himself in the culture of that country, again establishing  a lasting kinship with the people he met there. They eventually returned to his roots in the west of England, close to his family and settled in Bristol where the two married and where their beautiful daughter Bonita was born. He was a dedicated father, who was besotted by his child, putting to use all of his redeeming characteristics and life experiences to provide the best start in life a child could ask for. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends from around the world, whose lives he profoundly touched.

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