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The Lower Haight district in San Francisco, from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s was a hot-bed of musical talent. At the epicenter was The Top DJ Bar, notorious for its strong cocktails, wild nights and most importantly for great music. You could hear local DJs and guests from around the world playing records every night of the week from early evening to late at night. Bionic Peanut Butter, Audible Colors, Moving On Up, Bottom Heavy, Phunkatek,

Both the Lower & Upper Haight also supported a plethora of record stores - Tweekin' Records, Zebra Records, Open Mind, BPM, Housewares, Compound, Faster Bamboo, Persimmon, Jack's Record Cellar, Amoeba, Groove Merchant, Rooky Ricardo's, Recycled Records, Vinyl Dreams, Black Pancake,

2 Block Radius would like to give a big shout out to Damo, Lucky, Charlie Hustle, Gabe Real, Kevin West, Marc Anthony, Dmitri, Mark E Quark, Solar, Galen, J Bird, Joshua Iz, Mike Bee, Mateo, No Battles, JP Soul, Chad Mitchell, Hesohi, Matty B, Andrew Smith,

Ethan C Jenkins, Miss E, Tim Buna, Mad Marj, Emma Brown, DJ Rasoul, Kwai Le Cheif, Tarik, Oscar, Andy Riley, Jay Cowley,

Jon Williams, Grainger @ Uncut, Damon Burns, Harry, Simon DK, Digs & Woosh, Pete One Dred, Alvaro, Alex F, Luke Magnusson, Erney, Ursula Young, Starbooty 2000, Disco Dave, DiY, Darren Davis, Paul Carey, Manny, Corey Black, 

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